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RAWR the obligatory friends only post D:

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nice to meet you, i add nice people, so if you are, then add me, i dont bite. . .

or do i? no i dont. . .maybe

just kidding :3

anyways you know the routine. . .

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visit myspace.com/jja_mie

better yet head on over to my cyworld
visit http://us.cyworld.com/jjajjaroni
at home drrr
blank blank
nicole richie - dandelion

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On March 1st, 2007 05:41 am (UTC), jackichen007 commented:
hey! i'm over from kpop_uploads! xDDD add me back, fell ysj fan hahahah~
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On March 1st, 2007 08:54 am (UTC), paleoworld replied:
cool :3 i added you back
im sorry i didnt get them uploaded
its the first week of the spring semester and it wore me out worse than i thought it would
however i have a 4 day weekend starting tomorrow xD so ill have more than enough time to get them up ^^ thanks for your patience with that
anyways nice to meet you :D
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On March 5th, 2007 05:18 pm (UTC), _social_retard_ commented:
You've asked to join my community. I'm going to let you join with this account for now but I suggest that you read the rules and make a secondary acount (like i say in the rules you don't actualy have to use it). Its just so that if any of your friends join too you are still anonymous and can post whatever you like without exposing yourself. I imagine some of the questions will become rather personal later soyou will want to deveop a"secret identity" as i like to call it. In anycase thankyou for your intrerest and welcome to Blind Metropolis.
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