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RAWR! Ima Dinosaur!
23 January
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Hi! I'm currently an undergrad student. I am a double major biology and geology with an emphasis in (vertebrate) paleontology. My specialty is Dinosauria! Though there is a good chance I will further my studies in volcanology and oceanography. I have lived for dinos since my first iguanodon at ~2 or 3 years old. I speak some japanese, german, mandarin chinese and korean. My current interests outside of school and field work are surfing and sandboarding.

I currently belong to these organizations in some way or my membership is pending:

Museum of the Earth
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology
The Geological Society of America
The Association for Women Geoscientist
Society for Sedimentary Geology (Pacific)
Utah Friends of Paleontology
The Palaeontological Association
The Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences
The Paleontological Society
Wildlife Warriors
Los Angeles County Natural History Museum

Awaiting my volunteer position in The Dinosaur Institute and whatever happened to The Dinosaur Society?

Dinosaurs are love.

What's going on with me:

Feb 17 & 18 vertpaleo annual meeting
Mar 17 sdsu
May 17-20 ufop annual meeting
Jul 7-16 montana dig

*otherwise it's fulltime school everyday and more field work tba.



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